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WCD delivered a complete redevelopment of this website with bespoke and responsive design.

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WCD was tasked with the complete redevelopment of Slightly Foxed’s website and produced a new responsive design compatible across different devices and platforms. It was vital that the online shop was easy to use across all devices and platforms, so we invested a lot of time into testing on different phones/tablets as well as desktop PCs to achieve the best solution possible.

We helped harness Slightly Foxed’s strong social media presence by incorporating their social media feeds into their news and events pages. These are important areas for Slightly Foxed to capture audience interest and engagement with their business, as well as providing a channel for an increasingly diversified audience, some of whom have a lower awareness of such independent companies.

Furthermore, we’ve built an automated system to manage customer and subscription records. This has helped save the team a significant amount of time and resources, as well as improving customer experience on the website.

The results of our work has helped to significantly increase sales without any additional marketing.

Much of our experience is with WordPress, and we have built a huge number of WordPress websites, many of which we still manage. Our team of frontend and backend developers can deliver projects from start to finish, but we also have experience working alongside others. We are a full-service web company and have clients across nearly every sector.

Established in 2011, we have grown slowly and carefully to make sure we are able to deliver great results for our clients. Whether it is working purely on website design, delivering a finished responsive website or providing ongoing search engine optimisation, we work closely with our clients to make sure that they are happy with what we produce, and it works for their business, regardless of whether it is small or large. It is thanks to our solutions-focused approach that clients keep coming back and some of those who took us on right when we first started are still using us today.

If you have a WordPress website you need support on or if you work in the publishing sector, get in touch with the team by contacting We are always happy to have a chat and offer advice.

The team at We Create Digital has been working with us to develop the Slightly Foxed website for several years now, and we've been consistently delighted with the level of customer service, technical knowledge, and creative input that they provide. As a growing independent business, our website is of the highest importance and We Create Digital are doing a brilliant job to help us to maintain and develop our online presence. Highly recommended.

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